FAQ for Amazon Brand Sellers

“There are lots of buyers. Why should I sell to Digital Acquisitions?”

We have been in your shoes and know what the process is like to sell your business. It is our intention to make the process as easy as possible, make a clear to understand offer and let you know if the business is not a fit for us.

We have a background in acquiring all sorts of online businesses and have been focusing on Amazon brands for the last few years.

“How long does it take to make an offer?”

We generally ask you a number of questions once you reach out and regularly make offers within a week of first contact.

“Where did you get your capital?”

We have capital committed from a number of accredited investors. We do not make offers and then raise money and are able to move quickly and not waste your time in closing.

“What if you don’t want to buy my business?”

We have strong relationships with the best M&A firms in the industry. We’ll make an introduction to the best person if it is not a fit for us.

“Is my data kept private?”

Yes. We do not share your data with anyone else, just our internal investment team.